EVERCROSS Electric Dirt Bike for Kids Aged 3-12 300W Motor EV12M

SKU: U-20-EV12M-Black+Blue

Color: BLUE
Sale price$279.99 USD


The 36V 4AH battery allows you to travel up to 9.3 miles on a single charge.
The 300W motor packs enough power to deliver an exceptionally smooth ride!
Experience superior shock absorption, minimizing the impact of road bumps on the driver.

Large Size Wear-resistant Rubber Wheels

The 12-inch rubber wheels provide excellent grip and can handle even the most complex roads!

Ride with confidence, thanks to the simple yet effective drum brake system

The strong chain adds exciting element to your ride, delivering both power and a cool sound effect!

The electric motorcycle has three adjustable speed modes - 5 MPH, 7.5 MPH and 15.5 MPH

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